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Zone Commercial Finance was established by Neil Emmott in 2007.  Neil came from a twenty year career in a major high street bank and now has a team of consultants who have extensive experience in the commercial banking sector. We have worked through a period of extreme economic uncertainty which has impacted significantly on the property and commercial lending market.  By keeping abreast of banking policies and changes in legislation, we have assisted our clients to continue to achieve their property or business goals.

Our staff are highly trained with a proven track record in providing all types of commercial funding.  Our in-depth knowledge of the market means we can objectively seek out the most appropriate funding solution for your business.

We have an excellent reputation due to the bespoke approach that we take towards every client, whether they be a sole trader or a large company. We are viewed by many of our clients as a trusted member of their professional team and they consult with us for advice on all of their commercial finance needs.

The strong links we have with the high street banks and specialist finance houses ensure that our clients have access to a wide range of funding options.

Our membership of the National Assocation of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) ensures we maintain the highest level of standards operating with fairness, honesty and transparency at all times.


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